Project on Steganography

Steganography is the science of hiding information in other information. Steganography is practiced from ages, and used in situations where hidden exchange or communication of information is required. Cryptography — the science of writing in secret codes is mostly confused with Steganography.

Cryptography addresses all of the elements necessary for secure communication over an insecure channel namely privacy, confidentiality, key exchange etc. But cryptography does not always provide safe communication. Steganography fares better since it is the art of concealed communication; here the very existence of a message is secret. Whereas the goal of cryptography is to make data unreadable by a third party, the goal of Steganography is to hide the data from a third party.



Stepro is a   data hiding tool satisfying above problem definition. Users can use  Stepro to hide any data in their medium,  and again unhide their data at the other end.

This sub-topic explains the functional requirements of  Stepro.  Stepro  requires  the user  to  do  following  main  things:

  • Select the medium file.
  • Select the  files  to  be
  • Set encryption

Set the quality of the medium file. The quality will decide how much data can be hidden in the medium.



The goal of this project is to build a product that satisfies the description of the proposed system. The product should include the features of any efficient Steganography tool. The product should be user-friendly.

The following set of questions resemble the problems tackled by the product:

  • What type of steganography to be done by the product?
  • In a case of steganography in images, what type of file formats to be supported by the software?
  • What type of double protection to be provided to the data?
  • What combination of cryptography and image compression to be used?
  • What measures to be implemented in the software to ensure that the whole process is safe over the Internet?
  • What measures are implemented in the software to prevent the steganalysis of the hidden data?
  • What innovative feature is provided by the software?


    • BLINDSIDE: Blindside is a command-line utility that hides files in BMP’s and has optional encryption. Also available are Linux, HP, Solaris, and AIX versions, with windows-based GUI promised soon.
    • BMP SECRETS: BMP Secrets is a BMP-based stego product for Windows with a decent interface and a very large hiding capacity (~65% of carrier file). It includes built-in encryption and ability to hide data within specific sub-areas of the image.
    • EZSTEGNO: EZStego is a GIF-based stego application from Romana Machado, the author of Stego for Mac. It has similar steganographic functions as its Mac-based predecessor but is written in the platform-independent Java language instead.
    • IN THE PICTURES (ITP): ITP is a Windows 95-based stego program that hides data in BMP images. It offers multiple unique keys so you can encrypt data intended for multiple recipients into the same file. It has a drag and drop interface and can generate a random fractal image to use as a vessel image if needed.


Download the complete Project Report on Steganography


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